What healing journey are you seeking?
What story are you ready to transform?
What form of self-expression is ready to be released?
What is the very next step on your healing journey?


A Trauma-Inspired Approach to Self-Healing for Everyone no matter where you are on your journey.

Choose to heal your trauma through inquiry, education and self-expression with 8 Steps.

Our Weeklong Class has just begun. Join us TODAY and receive instant access to get started!

The wound is where the light enters you ~ Rumi

A Weeklong Virtual Course with LIVE support. Participate in real-time conversations with Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud. Or you can go at your own pace. The material is downloadable for lifetime access.

For anyone ready to take their healing journey to the next level through the science, somatics and the mysteries of spontaneous healing.

Choose, Catalyze, and Create Inspired Pathways
so you can take Healing into your own Hands and Heal at Last

What are you ready to heal? Each of us will be choosing what we are working with as the focus for our 8 part Pathway.

Four best friends are coming together to create an inspiring journey for you. Combining our years of wisdom in the fields of medicine and the healing arts. We are devoted to discovering a pathway that you can take again and again to approach your healing journey with a fresh perspective.

Jonathan McCloud, Curate Shiloh Sophia, Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, Dr. Lissa Rankin


  • You’re looking for health advice you can trust from spiritually-oriented, trauma-informed physicians
  • You’re wrestling with a health issue, you’re tried everything you know how to try to get better- and nothing is working…yet;
  • You’re wondering if there are any stones you haven’t yet turned over in your own recovery journey;
  • You’re a trauma survivor and in recovery from spiritual bypassing tendencies or avoidance of dealing with your trauma history;
  • You’re sick and tired of hearing about everyone else’s miracle stories- and you want support with dealing with your health reality in a compassionate, non-bypassing, realistic, grounded, but still hopeful way;
  • You’ve had it with hurtful, victim blaming, magical thinking and manifestation in the New Age and wellness world- and you’re looking for some genuinely helpful health advice from actual physicians who are grounded in science and reality;
  • You’re curious what proactive health-inducing options are within your wheelhouse to change - and what is beyond your control;
  • You roll your eyes when you hear the white privilege and socioeconomic privilege barely hidden beneath the surface of the wellness world- and you’re ready to talk frankly about social determinants of health, race, gender, socioeconomic privilege, health equity, and social justice factors that influence health outcomes;
  • You’ve been wondering whether your physical or mental health problems could be related to ways you may have been victimized by narcissistic abuse;
  • You’re a physician, health care provider, health coach, or therapist working with chronically ill patients or clients with mental health issues;
  • You’re advocating for a loved one who is not getting the help they need.
  • An Intentional Creativity® Trained Educator who would like to include our trauma-inspired approach with your practice, clients, circles and classess.
  • An organization, health and wellness group, or a corporation working towards a standard of trauma-informed care.

AN INSPIRED HEALING JOURNEY with two women intuitive painting
side by side
A Message from MUSEA'S Co-Founder, Curate Shiloh Sophia

Hello Dear Ones! I am so glad you are here! In our class, INSPIRED we will be guiding you through a step by step healing journey that includes conversation, education, stories, inquiries, meditation, drawing, AND intuitive painting. You can choose to heal your trauma!

That said you don't need to be an artist in any way - the painting we are doing is for processing and for the integration of the material. It isn't about making a cool painting, although you might. It is about bringing you deeper into the story you are working to heal through working with image and language, right and left brain, with a big beautiful heart right in the center.

For each of the step with the INSPIRED Curriculum, you will be doing a painting step that pairs with the content offered by Lissa and Jeff from the lifetime of experience with healing and the Guidelines of the CDC. You will also be able to hear from my husband, Jonathan McCloud as he shares with you the way we work with creativity to create a pattern interupt to our default thinking. So you will be experiencing, layer by layer by layer, healing occurs and is realized in ways that it hasn't been able to before, and it is evidenced within the conent of the painting itself.

You can enagage while you are creating with flow state, nervous system regulation, healing your stress response and increased insight - and of course, INSPIRATION! This is BECAUSE we are including the somatics of the body AND the intentions of the brain - as well as your eyes, which witness the visible changes in real time as you move through the storyline connected with how you experience your trauma. Obviously we use the term, "trauma-inspired" as a play on trauma-informed. We don't want to be just trauma-informed, we want to be inspired to act, and do something about it.

One of the greatest challenges with healing is not being able to bring the mental concepts of healing to the somatic realites that the body experiences. We need a process that brings them together. We often do one and then the other. We go to the therapist and talk and we go to the bodyworker, and work the body and the energy worker to shift the energy - and yet how are they woven together? You are the one responsible for weaving them together but maybe no one ever mentioned to you that you get to do that. The trauma that we experienc is stored in the mind and the body - so don't we need to access both if we are going to heal both? We think so. As well as a shift in the storyline we are carrying? This requires some deep diving into the way that we are thinking and the way that we are carrying the trauma in our body. Once again, brain and body. Our approach is designed to access mind and body at the same time, with the power of the heart at the center beaming like a sun!

Through self-expression we engage at a WHOLE new and deeper level of what is possible because we are embodying the change, therefore our brain believes we have made the change. Our body records the change through our senses and movement is made in ways that talking and processing alone do not offer.

With Intentional Creativity Intuitive Painting, you create a visual artifact of the work you have just done. The entire journey puts you on a path of believing yourself, and believing healing is possible. Believing healing is possible is one of the that is both on Jeff and Lissa's list for healing. In Inspired Lissa and I paint side by side in the videos and you get to paint along with us, tune into our conversation and be inspired in your own healing journey. All the the backdrop of music by the amazing Karen Drucker.

Feeling inspired guides us along on our path, encourages us to keep going. And we sometimes need inspiration to keep going. As you well know, healing can be a long and hard journey - and sometimes very mysterious. All for of us have been on a journey to discovery a pathway to healing that we can repeat again and again. We hope to provide you with tools for inspiration for what you are working to heal now and in the future. Really, you will be able to use these tools again and again.

We know that some of you might be afraid of the creative process, you think you don't have skill or you know you won't be able to control what happens. Here's a hint, not being able to control what happens in the painting is part of what brings you to such a richly textured edge within yourself - from here, we dive in. Creativity poses no real threat, but we are often afraid of what might happen! A lot of this stems from childhood trauma related to our creativity, vulnerability, there are people who put the crayon down when one person said one negative thing and never picked it up again. Let's pick up the crayon! Let's be brave, dive in and work with the elements to support us. We will be painting inspired by earth, air, fire, water, sunshine, stardust and moonlight.

Let's gather together!

Curate Shiloh Sophia

Our Inspired Healing Journey combines an intersection of disciplines - here is the path we will follow.

Guided by Dr. Lissa Rankin + Dr. Jeffrey Rediger

Hosted by Curate Shiloh Sophia + Jonathan McCloud

The Founders of the MUSEA Center for
Intentional Creativity® & Consciousness


The material will also be relevant for those who are in the fields of medicine and healing. Including DOCTORS, NURSES, HEALERS, EDUCATORS, COACHES, and THERAPISTS.


Tuition: $495 or 3 Payments at $186.45

About the Delivery and Your Participation

  • Pathway: INSPIRED Curriculum - All 8 video modules are studio recorded at MUSEA Center and produced in high definition. All modules are downloadable and can be done at your own pace.
  • Planning your journey: Plan for 2 Hours a Day for 7 Days. This includes approximately 1+ hours of the Inspired Curriculum delivered to your inbox daily and the time it takes to experience the self-expression process related to your healing.
  • Connection in Community: Featuring Five Recorded Circle Zoom Calls for you to connect with the INSPIRED curriculum with shared perspectives from other students.
  • Your Privacy: We will gather in a private app classroom with support.
  • Flexible Timing: You can experience the material each day for 7 days.
    OR you can access the material anytime on your own time.

Are you curious why some people experience mysterious cures from allegedly “incurable” illnesses while others stay sick or even die?

Are you wondering whether there’s more you might do to optimize your body’s health, your mental health, or the health of your patients, clients, or loved ones?

Do you sense there’s more to optimal health than the reductionist medical model promoted by conventional medicine? Yet you don't want to stray into the ungrounded magical thinking of the wellness industry?

What are the conditions for Spontaneous Healing that are available to us? Can they be chosen and practiced?

Are there things we can do to set up the conditions for healing that increase the chances for improved health outcomes?

Do self-expression and the stories you carry and/or design affect your healing journey?

The answer is YES, and YOU are Invited!

Let us share with you what we’ve discovered in our quest to unravel the mysteries of healing over decades of combined research.

Welcome to the INSPIRED Experience!

Are you ready to navigate trauma in a new way?

Watch this video with Musea Founders, Curate Shiloh Sophia
and Jonathan McCloud.

Why we are qualified to teach this Revolutionary Work:

It is not every day you get to study with an artist, chef, psychiatrist, or gynecologist.

When it comes to spontaneous and integrative healing methods, you couldn't ask for a better "Dream Team" to guide you through this process.

Dr. Jeffrey Rediger is the medical director at the McLean Southeast Adult Psychiatric Programs, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and the author of CURE: Strengthen Your Immune System and Heal Your Life. Jeffrey spent over 15 years studying spontaneous healing, pioneering the use of scientific tools to investigate recoveries from incurable illnesses.

Dr. Lissa Rankin is a New York Times Bestselling Author of Mind Over Medicine, six other books, and the Founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute training program for doctors and therapists. She is a radical remission researcher and a founder of the non-profit "Heal at Last." She has also starred in two National Public Television specials, and her TEDx talks have been viewed over 4 million times.

Shiloh Sophia is a world-renowned Teacher and Visionary Artist of over 25 years and Author of seven books. Shiloh and her husband, Jonathan McCloud, have worked together since 2013 to guide students in the MUSEA community in grasping the WHY and HOW of the intersection between Intentional Creativity and the somatic sciences. 

Together, they founded MUSEA: Center for Intentional Creativity, a Virtual and Physical Art School and Museum that serves thousands of students worldwide. These students use the Intentional Creativity Method and philosophy to infuse what we make with intention through mindfulness and embodiment practices. Working with this level of awareness can catalyze healing, move stuck energy, and cause awakening at an exponential level. Many students claim it has been lifesaving.  

These four guides are devoted to creating a standard healing practice that reaches across fields and finds a deep baseline we can trust in our approach to healing trauma and disease.

A deep correlation exists between the guiding principles of the Center for Disease Control, SAMHSA’s National Center for Trauma-Informed Care, and the research of two doctors and two educators in the healing arts. Our shared alignment and the correlation of our respective work is our inspiration and why we chose to bring you INSPIRED.

While the four of us have been called rebels or disruptors in our respective fields, driven by a common goal in our minds and hearts, we knew fundamentally that true healing was possible for our minds and bodies. As a result of our research and empirical evidence, we are inspired to share what we’ve learned so that you can find a path to healing that feels right to you.

Watch this video to meet your Guides for INSPIRED!

“Many illnesses are caused by trauma-induced soul sickness that results in a chronically dysregulated nervous system. When the root of such illnesses is healed at the deepest levels, the body may reflect that healing as a cure.”

~Lissa Rankin, MD

"What a wonderful time we had designing this curriculum for you. The deep conversation, the points of connection and the differing points of view! We are SO excited to share INSPIRED with our mutual communities."
~ Shiloh Sophia

If you are ...

  • Looking for health advice you can trust from spiritually oriented, trauma-informed physicians.
  • Hoping to include your innate intuition for self-expression and self-healing.
  • Wrestling with a health issue, you’ve tried everything you know how to try to get better- and nothing is working yet. You want something fresh!
  • Wondering if there are any stones you haven’t yet turned over in your recovery journey and how a trauma-inspired approach can help.
  • A trauma survivor in recovery from spiritual bypassing tendencies or avoidance of dealing with your trauma history. You are looking for something real that works.
  • Tired of hearing about everyone else’s miracle stories? While continuing to seek support with managing your 'health-reality' in a compassionate, non-bypassing, realistic, grounded, and hopeful way.
  • Fed up with hurtful, victim blaming, magical thinking, and manifestation techniques in the New Age and wellness world.
  • Seeking genuinely helpful healing pathways from physicians grounded in science and reality; do not shun the mystery of spontaneous healing.
  • A creative explorer who desires to deepen the link between your creativity and your healing journey.
  • Curious about what proactive health-inducing options are within your wheelhouse to change - and what is beyond your control.
  • Wondering whether your physical or mental health problems could be related to ways you may have been victimized by narcissistic abuse.

IS the INSPIRED experience for YOU?

Our Trauma -Inspired Apporach to Self-Healing offerings something quite extra ordinary - a combination of 5 Disciplines.


The Elusiveness of Healing

What is the Pathway to Healing?

Healing can feel elusive at times. Do you ever feel that way? We try many ways to heal, yet we can’t seem to control the outcomes. We must keep experimenting and tweaking the process until we find the right pathway.

We wonder: is there even a “right" pathway to healing?

The healing journey can sometimes be frustrating. We wonderwho knows what's going on and whether we're doing the right protocol. Can we trust this provider has my best interest at heart? We are looking for master healers and experts who have gone before us. But all too often, we find ourselves in a situation where the counsel we receive creates conflict within us, either from divergent medical opinions or the discordance between these medical opinions and our intuitions.

Trusting ourselves can be challenging because we aren’t sure how to read our bodies' signals. Often, we aren’t sure we can trust the messages we are receiving from our minds. When we don't feel well, the heart messages can become confusing.

We understand. We are four people who have experienced a need for big personal healing, both physically and emotionally, that felt elusive to us. We are also four people whose lives are dedicated to different forms of healing.

We invite you to join us for an immersive experience of what we have discovered with over 100 years of combined wisdom rooted in the journey of healing.

We are on the edge of change.

Let's rush out to greet it!

The Need-to-Know Details

WHAT: INSPIRED: Experiential Immersive Weeklong Program to Choose, Change, Challenge and Create Healing Pathways

WHO: Guided by Dr. Lissa Rankin + Dr. Jeffrey Rediger and Shiloh Sophia + Jonathan McCloud

WHEN: March 1st -7th, 2024 with online support for 30 days inside our private group

WHERE: It's Virtual! Join us online from anywhere worldwide daily and on our private app, iMusea.org.

WHY: To explore new pathways to healing using our INSPIRED 8 Steps Approach to Transform Your Relationship to Healing, for yourself and in support of others. You will leave this training feeling more empowered and informed and have the tools to take your healing journey into your own hands. And hopefully inspired!


  • This experience includes approximately ten hours of content + five Zoom circles for one hour each. You can spend 2 hours daily in real-time with us or go at your own pace.
  • Connect with your Guides + students participating in this course through our private group in the iMusea App.
  • We recommend reserving at least 2 hours daily.
  • For the creative process, you will need a 16X20 or larger canvas, a journal, and nice pens to write with.
  • A complete delivery schedule will be provided before March 1st. You will get emails and Zoom call reminders each morning.
  • Everything is recorded and downloadable.
  • Zoom Circle Events are 4:00 - 5:00 PM Pacific Time and take on March 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th. They are optional and also recorded.
  • Open to all genders. Ages 18+. One ticket per household or organization for up to five people.
  • Are you planning on bringing more than five in your organization to the INSPIRED event? Please reach out to support@musea.org

For questions related to the curriculum, email shilohsophia@musea.org.

For logistical questions, email support@musea.org.

TUITION: Tuition is $495. You can also pay in three installments of $186.45.

Why we are bringing you INSPIRED according to
Dr. Lissa Rankin

“There are plenty of academic training programs for health care providers that don’t even touch upon the healing factors that the scientific community knows, for sure, help the body heal. And the internet is loaded with charlatans with ungrounded, untrue pseudoscience and training programs run by people with no credentials who are exploiting vulnerable people who aren’t getting the medical care they need. Both extremes are unconscionable, and what we’re not getting taught is impeding healing for millions of sick folks. We aim to fill that gap- to bring together the legitimate medical evidence-based science without skipping the subjective qualities of healing that are just as necessary as the objective science for those on a healing journey.

Jeffrey, Shiloh, Jonathan, and I have all been studying this same material uniquely for so many years that it feels like we’d be foolish not to try to see where our research overlaps and what we’ve concluded about healing.”

Dr. Lissa Rankin

"Healing is always a journey. But there are destinations all along the path.

What to Expect...

We Will Guide You Through

  • A focused healing journey - we will send you instructions for the best way to choose a focus for your week.
  • Understanding the risk factors for premature illness or disability
  • The neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, and psycho-education of how trauma impacts the nervous system and how the nervous system impacts the health of every cell in your body.
  • The “four pillars” from Dr. Rediger’s CURED research.
  • Why changing your personality and working with your identity may change your physical health.
  • The “Six Steps to Healing Yourself” from Dr. Rankin’s Mind Over Medicine research.
  • The key nuggets from Dr. Rankin’s Sacred Medicine research that you can apply on your own at home.
  • A basic introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS) as an adjunct to any medical treatment plan for “parts” that might be using the body in search of healing from past trauma.
  • ​What it takes to transform your life into one that is optimally conducive to having a health span that matches your life span.
  • The unmistakable link between good boundaries and good health.
  • ​Writing “The Prescription” for optimal health for yourself, based on grounded hope and evidence-based science.
  • ​Understanding and examining the role of health risk factors like race, gender, social class, food deserts, access to good medical care, and other social determinants of health - so you don’t blame yourself or spin your wheels trying to change health risk factors which may be entirely out of your control.
  • Engaging with an Intentional Creativity® process to integrate the material you are experiencing. Bringing visuals to your healing journey.

By the end of INSPIRED, you will...

  • Have focused on an aspect in your life to heal, used the curriculum to gain insight and awareness, and opened yourself to spontaneous healing. 
  • Have a template backed by research and the CDC to use repeatedly for yourself and those you work with.
  • For Teachers and Practitioners: Have a new trauma-inspired lens for your clients, students, and patients.
  • Learn the significance of how self-expression leads to the embodiment of healing.
  • Have first-hand experience with cutting-edge research and science regarding trauma-informed care. We are on the edge of some REVOLUTIONARY breakthroughs, and you will be among the first to apply them to your life and those you love and serve!
  • Complete a painting that is an artifact of your healing journey. No experience needed - Shiloh will walk you through step by step.

“It’s the perception that creates the thought that creates the feeling.”

~ Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv, CURED

Dr. Lissa Rankin at MUSEA UNIVERSITY guiding our students in her vision for trauma-informed care

"Every individual is different, and every physical symptom can have countless root causes, including external factors, like environmental toxins, or internal factors that may not have much to do with trauma, like having two copies of a recessive gene, or collective, systemic, and societal factors, like poverty or systemic racism. However, since 85% of illnesses have been shown to be stress-related, it's worth at least getting curious and walking down the trailhead of any physical symptoms that arise, in case we discover something that might be within our power to change, something that could improve our health outcomes. If we find nothing on that trail, fair enough. But usually, in my experience, people learn something about how to live a healthier life by at least exploring the trail.

After years of patient care as a physician, one of the most common root causes discovered by my patients is that their inner journeys were relational. We tend not to want to look at whether our relationships could be linked to our illnesses. It's easier to take a pill and pretend it's just a chemical imbalance or a hormonal issue or something wrong with an organ than to admit that we might be in a toxic marriage or enmeshed with a narcissistic parent who is controlling us or at the mercy of an abusive boss who is slave-driving us. We may even know in our hearts that the relationship is poisonous to our mental and physical health, but we justify it. “But what about the kids?” Or “But I need the money.” Or “I’ll be alone forever if I face the reality of this unhealthy relationship.” Or “But I made a vow.” We may feel trapped in these dynamics, preferring to medicate ourselves rather than even consider changing the hormonal milieu inside the body to see if the body improves if we set clear boundaries to protect ourselves or get ourselves out of stress-inducing relationships altogether."

Dr. Lissa Rankin

A Trauma-Informed and Inspired Approach in Collaboration with Spontaneous Healing

Steps to Transform Your Relationship to Healing, for yourself and in support of others.

Jonathan McCloud, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, & Dr. Lissa Rankin

Join four rebels in the field of healing on a journey of self-discovery and healing. What we are about to share with you is walking an edge in the field of healing. 

Part of what we will explore together are the four pillars of health that are based on Dr. Jeffrey Rediger’s research into the Olympians of health and well-being: amazing individuals with medical evidence for their remarkable recoveries.

“The four pillars of health and well-being: healing your relationship with nutrition, your immune system, your stress response, and your identity.”

~ Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv, CURED

Tending to Trauma

Together, we will deepen your relationship with your capacity to heal.

DISCOVER: Share an 8-step pathway for self-healing you can use again and again to gain insight, support, and direction (it’s a repeatable practice)

EXPLORE: Learn the conditions that were present in spontaneous remissions, that we can duplicate for ourselves (with stories based on research)

EXPRESSION: Access your innate intuition through self-expression by being intentionally creative about your next steps (self-expression activates the brain-body connection and regulates your nervous system)

TRANSFORM: Reframe your relationship with PTSD by adjusting the way you speak to yourself, the language you use about your condition, and an invitation to change.

DECIDE: Choose an area of healing you are working on to practice the process and gain insight for your next steps.

DISCERN: Gain clarity about the kind of support you need at this time and how to make distinctions

In our time together, you will hear the intimate and harrowing stories the four of us have experienced, and that inform our understanding of issues ranging from childhood abuse to active combat to grief and despair.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your Struggle.

One of the conditions for healing comes from Lissa Rankin, MD in her best-selling books Mind Over Medicine and Sacred Medicine: It’s a paradox: “You can heal yourself, but you can’t do it alone.”

While we aren’t your in-person support team, we intend to be as supportive and empathetic as we guide you on this journey from our hearts. You aren’t in this alone. We are here to share some of the most potent stories and science we have found.

Join us for a weekend immersion in healing that will guide you toward your next steps. Whether you are healing at a personal level, whether you are a healer, or in the medical field, you can benefit from exploring and practicing our 8 Steps.

NOTE: This material aligns with the Center for Disease Control’s protocol for Trauma-Informed Care. This is important to us as a team because we want to affirm what is good and right about traditional medicine and expand on it.

In this program, we work together to find congruence in our steps for trauma-informed healing.

“The link between our minds and bodies holds a well of potential when it came to radical healing — even mainstream medicine accepts that our stress levels and thought patterns, for example, can impact our physical health.”

~ Jeffrey Rediger, CURED: Strengthen Your Immune System and Heal Your Life



MUSEA University in Collaboration with Whole Health Medicine Institute

Join us for a week-long immersion in healing that will guide you toward your next steps. Whether you are healing at a personal level, or whether you are a healer or in the medical field, you can benefit from exploring and practicing our 8 Steps.

WHO: Guided by Dr. Lissa Rankin + Dr. Jeffrey Rediger and Shiloh Sophia + Jonathan McCloud

WHAT: INSPIRED: Experiential Immersive Weeklong Program to Choose, Change, Challenge and Create Healing Pathways

WHEN: Previously Recorded March 1st -7th, 2024.

WHERE: Online - join from anywhere in the world!

WHY: To explore new pathways to healing using the 8 Steps Approach to Transform Your Relationship to Healing, for yourself and in support of others. You will leave this training feeling more empowered and have the tools to take your healing journey into your own hands.

HOW: All curriculum is delivered via Video + ZOOM Circle Calls. Connect with your Guides + students participating in this course through the iMusea App. The full schedule is provided upon registration.

This experience includes approximately ten hours of recorded content including five ZOOM Circles. You can spend a few hours daily following along as if it was live or go at your own pace.

TUITION: Tuition is $495. You can also pay in three installments of $186.45.

Open to all genders. Ages 18+. One ticket per household or organization for up to five people. Are you planning on registering more than five in your organization to INSPIRED? Please reach out to support@musea.org

During INSPIRED you will have access to a student-only classroom in the iMusea App where you can connect, share photos of your process, be witnessed and supported by your guides and graduates of our Intentional Creativity Trainings. You can engage via your phone or computer, so it's convenient for you to tap in and feel connected to the healing circle we will create together.

“The longest journey you’ll ever make is the journey from the head to the heart.”

~Dr. Lissa Rankin


You will Learn ...

  • The one scientifically proven health intervention your doctor probably is not sharing with you that could change everything.
  • 3 very simple things that cost you nothing to change that could improve your health outcome.
  • The one “pillar” from Dr. Rediger’s Four Pillars of Optimal Health from his meticulously corroborated CURED research into radical remission survivors seems to matter more than all the others.
  • Why Dr. Rankin entirely rewrote Mind Over Medicine to make sure you know one key intervention she learned right after publishing the first version.
  • ​12 things you can do to improve your chances of “spontaneous” remission, based on Dr. Rediger’s research.
  • Why New Age spirituality and wellness industry teachings and practices might actually be making you sicker.

You will be able to ...

  • Zoom out and get a bird's eye view of the life you’re living and how close (or far) it is from the life that might help your body heal to its optimal potential.
  • Make clear choices about how far you’re willing to stretch in order to see whether it’s within the realm of possibility to become the next “health outlier.”
  • ​Become intimate with and extend compassionate care to the “parts” of you that might threaten to sabotage your efforts to improve your health.
  • Gain a realistic lens on what’s within your control to heal and/or cure- and what might not be.
  • ​Begin to accept and make peace with what is not within your control to heal or cure- so you can let go of the toxic teachings that suggest that if you’re not 100% healed and fully cured, there must be something wrong with you.


Our Guide for the journey, Shiloh Sophia, speaks to the story behind INSPIRED:
A Trauma-informed Approach to a Journey of Self-Healing.

Shiloh Sophia, a 30-year educator, and Co-Founder of a global movement dedicated to healing through the arts, noticed something curious. Her community has already practiced the Trauma-informed Care Guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). She used different language but found alignment.

What she noticed was truly peculiar and inspiring to her - she could map what she had created in the community to the CDC's six Guiding Principles. She used different processes and language, but the pathways were similar. She added an opening and closing step, making it a complete experience discovering eight steps to support someone in their healing journey. She completed a first draft of the demonstration and shared it with healers and medical professionals in her community.

They loved it.

From there, a seed began to sprout. 

Once Shiloh started working the mapping over to her community healing work with the CDC, she started talking to Lissa and Jeff about it. Then she had a big AHA! “I wonder if the steps for healing in Lissa’s work and the Pillars in Jeff’s work line up?!”

Shiloh and her husband Jonathan have spent much time discussing healing and the heart with Lissa and Jeff. The territory they are going to cover isn’t a new dialogue, but something the four of them have shared in countless years of deep diving into controversy, conspiracy, and conflict in how they feel about healing based on when they completed medical school, creativity in the role of healing, and so much more!

What resulted is this program, INSPIRED!

While trauma-informed is the buzzword of the last few years, trauma-inspired draws inspiration from the information and brings creativity, story, and potential for change.

A collaboration containing the wisdom of Dr. Lissa Rankin's work in Mind Over Medicine, the stories of spontaneous remission in CURED by Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, Intentional Creativity Story in The Feast Table of Love by Shiloh Sophia, Jonathan's stories of working with recovery from PTSD and the Center for Disease Control to bring you an 8 Part Path to a Trauma-Inspired Approach to Self-Healing.

Read a few of the many 5-star Reviews on Amazon from Our Course Guides

Very well-researched and written!

"Dr. Rediger’s book “Cured” is well-researched and beautifully written. I have often been amazed at how medicine tends to diminish the occurrence of miracles, faith healing, and spontaneous remissions. It is nice to see a physician acknowledge and, indeed, give this topic much-needed attention. This is the beginning of what May soon become more the norm!!" - Desiree.

CURED: SO Clear and Powerful

"The truth of the stories, the insight of this Divine educated man, educated in the language of the world that the majority of people can hear the truth of the Truth within us… we are here experiencing a reality that can be transformed from fear to love and held with the Power from within…we experience what we believe is true about us…as ownership, not blame. Thank you, Dr. Rediger! Thank you" - Marilyn

CURED: A Rare Gem

"Rediger is not only a great scientist, but he is also a great listener and a great writer. My only qualm with this book is that it seems somewhat mis-titled. Perhaps "Heal your identity" is a bit much for most people, so it seems he settled for the immune system. But it's really about identity and why it matters.

Rediger not only effectively tells several stories of "spontaneous remission," interweaving them to illustrate his primary thesis, but he also incorporates his own story so that you can see it all from his point of view. So, it is not just a self-help book. It's also a memoir. And that makes a huge difference.

So yes, just read it. Read it if you or someone you know is facing a life-threatening disease. Read it if you or someone you know has any kind of acute or chronic condition. These lessons he is passing on apply to everyone, not just those suffering from some horrible affliction." - Mark M.

CURED: Amazing book

"What an amazing book! From start to finish, it gets better and better. And when I thought it could not get even better at the end, it did! The point is that the link between our minds and bodies is deeper than many of us thought. The book is a great reminder of this connection and the amazing depth of it, still unexplored and unrecognized in modern medicine." - Darko S.

Mind Over Medicine: Give this book to your doctor and everyone you love . . .

"Thank God that one sick and tired doctor decided to share her story for the benefit of all. Readers gain a new perspective on the not-so-mysterious healing power of placebos and the healing power of love and/or being surrounded by people who care about your well-being. But the most important point of this book is to recognize the healing power you can access from within.

If you know an MD, see an MD, or have a neighbor who's an MD, tell them about Dr. Rankin's book. You could change the course of their lives and the lives of their patients, putting them on a healing course they never thought possible. Warning: if you're a doctor with an open mind and big heart who reads through to the end of the book and takes the time to do the questionnaire, you may discover that you need to make some changes in your practice. Please do! The whole world will be a better place because of your decision.

Thank you, Lissa Rankin, for sharing your story, research, and authentic healing power. I've always had a strong intuition that I wanted to choose my mind over medicine whenever possible. Thank you for providing a guide for doing this. I hope to hug you in person soon, but I'm sending a virtual hug." - Dr. Lorraine

Mind Over Medicine: What's going on inside your mind matters to your health.

"The average age a woman in the United States begins to take care of her health is age 34. Over half the women in the United States are diagnosed with one or more chronic diseases. We are stuck with a medical model that offers diagnosis, treatment, and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

With her book, Mind Over Medicine, Lissa Rankin, MD, aims to change this reality. Her story is one of personal and professional transformation through her health crisis. Her medical training compels her to research studies and stories about modalities thoroughly and approaches to health outside the standard Western approach.
This book belongs in your reference library for anyone in a healing profession, complementary or traditional, interested in a broader perspective on health and healing.

For anyone seeking to avoid or currently suffering from chronic disease, this book will inspire you to see things differently and take your next steps with confidence toward developing your prescription for healing. Dr. Rankin provides a template for developing your unique "radical self-care" prescription.

For parents, this is a must-read. Dr. Rankin applies her self-healing insights to how she and her husband communicate to their children about health and healing. The results are belief-busting! Dr. Lissa Rankin's influence may make the Western medical model "ripe for a miracle" as she inspires her readers to make their bodies and lives "ripe for a miracle" by seeking health through a mind, body, and spirit approach to "radical self-care." ~ Rhana K

Mind Over Medicine: Why I LOVE Dr. Lissa Rankin's Book

"I've been interested in the mind-body-spirit connection for many years. I've read many books on this topic to gain insight into how to keep myself healthy and help my clients heal best. I LOVE Dr. Rankin's book for several reasons:

  • I LOVE that she wrote her book by sharing her vulnerability, not just by taking the 'powerful doctor' role.
  • I LOVE the emphasis on allowing your body to heal itself rather than immediately taking medications or doing unnecessary surgeries.
  • Although I know that exercise and healthy foods are vitally important for our body's health, I LOVE that Dr. Rankin validates the importance of living a healthy, balanced life in all areas, including being authentic, developing supportive relationships, pursuing your spirituality, following your intuition, experiencing healthy sexuality, and pursuing laughter and play.
  • I LOVE that she respects her 'patients' as equal beings who have the right to listen to their intuition and do what they believe is best for them in their healing process. If only we had more physicians to join her in promoting equality and respect in health care! Love and blessings," - Kari J.

Mind Over Medicine: Great message and is very well delivered.

"This is a great book! Extremely well-researched, well-written, and with a powerful message. Also, Rankin delivered it in a very open way, without rant or rave, and in a very unpushy way. This might be one of the best books around to bridge the gap between what is a new collective (and scientifically supported) understanding of health and healing, with the current health industry teachings and information. I hope that because the message was delivered by a doctor with a lot of amazing research and in a very easy-to-read way, it adds momentum to the changing tide in understanding wellness and optimum health. Well done, Lissa, and I will definitely be recommending this book to a number of people who are looking in the wrong direction when it comes to helping themselves with the healing of their illnesses. Definitely one of the most comprehensive and practical books on taking ownership of your health and happiness." - Carl M.


INSPIRED came at the perfect moment in time while I was hyper-stressed and struggling with major health challenges and an unsupportive healthcare system.
I enjoyed watching the "double couple teacher team" and their friendship and love.

My favorite part of the experience is my painting and all the loving and empowering messages I got from it, not just as a heard inner voice but as a somatic shift within me (painting shown above). The key medicine from the overall process is a sense of deep validation, which has an empowering back-strengthening effect.

  • Validation that my "no's" and "battles" with school medicine doctors are valid.
  • Validation that my level of responsibility and ownership of my healing is valid.
  • Validation that I am on the right path to healing my current crisis and growing from the experience in such a way that my body doesn't need to repeat its "threat of killing me if I don't change."

I am a different woman than four months ago when my body said "no." INSPIRED was a powerful, supportive steppingstone on my path to healing and to coming home within myself.

~ Sylvia Becker-Hill

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class and that it has been quite profound. I didn't follow the directions about painting (I guess I am non-compliant🤣), but I drew several pictures using white printer paper and colored pens. Two of those are attached.

The first one with the mountains, is where I worked on the concept of "root cause" - what is causing me to be unhappy and unhealthy, ......?

The second one was in response to the "Commit" prompt - it is a river of IFS Parts, with me getting to the other side and knowing it is okay to tread through the messy water. I am working with an IFS-trained therapist, which inspired me to work on my Parts more deeply.

The great awareness I gained from the class is in the prescription I wrote for myself. I have been so focused on health and healing, seeing many different specialists, in addition to functional medicine, integrative medicine, chiropractic, osteopathic, shaman, etc. It became very clear that I needed to focus on four things: Healthy Air, Healthy Gut, Soul Family, and Regulating My Nervous System. This truly was a God moment for me; your class inspired me. Thank you so much— I feel blessed to have had the opportunity.

~ Kathy Hill

Since my intention for this year is #miraculoushealing, I loved the 8-day experience of #INSPIRED WITH Shiloh Sophia, Lissa Rankin, Jonathan, and Jeff Rediger, which was all about spontaneous healing.

This is what emerged for me, and I am open to receiving this amazing grace🙏💚✨️️. So be it!

💃Mermaid Butterfly Flower Awakening🌹

From the deep primordial ocean,
I am rising like Aphrodite out of the sea shell.
I am re-weaving all that no longer serves me into a new me.
From cancer breakdown to breakthrough like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon.
I am spreading my wings and say YESSS to my new resurrection from deep dark womb initiation.
I open my arms and wings and blossom like the most beautiful rose.
I receive the moon and sun from above and deep nourishment from below.
Amazing grace is all abount!

Amazing Grace Blessings

✨️✨️✨️Erika A Maizi ng✨️✨️✨️

I learned that I can intentionally engage with my stress response to come 'down' from an unhealthy, stressed state and that this will benefit my overall health and well-being. Since the week of the course, I've been experiencing several 'shifts' in my stress response as, synchronistically, various things have come across my path that are helping me to drop down into a more relaxed state. There was another such shift today. For the first time, I felt the resonance of the chant and a deep connection throughout my whole body, something profoundly nourishing and connected with that cry for mercy. Then, today, I read Lissa's second email blog on healing medical trauma with a link to the upcoming course. I experienced a very deep release/ healing of long-held trauma due to getting M.E./CFS back in the 1980s and experiencing what I feel was very misogynistic ridicule from the medical system as well as a lack of empathy and care from certain family members, battling on for a long time. 2 years ago; I was able to access Osteopathy treatment called the Perrin Technique which has helped a lot. Still, I didn't realize the extent of the guilt, shame, and trauma I was carrying through it all. So, today's huge release will undoubtedly impact me on many levels as I allow it to settle into my being.

I'm working slowly through the 'Cured Prescription' and journaling around it, which will be an ongoing project. Another thing was that the teaching and discussion around Internal Family Systems was very helpful. I'm sure there would be so much more I could say, but these are the main things that come to mind.

I'm grateful for the input you all gave and for your heartfelt, genuine sharing of yourselves in the videos—this helped my nervous system calm down! Many thanks once again.
~ Bridget Jackson

I enjoyed the class. It is what I was searching for on this healing journey. I received lots of new information and some validation that I am on the right path. The painting is a great new tool, giving me permission to use creativity as healing. I knew deep down that art was there, but I lost my choice to choose as I struggled with healing this 22-year-old insomnia.

My journey with painting as a healing practice is far from over. I am committed to continuing this journey, exploring the therapeutic benefits of art and its role in my healing practice. Thanks for the course and listening to my healing journey.

~ Cheryl Smith

This course helped me a lot through my long Covid symptoms. It gave me hope and something to look forward to. It also was great to have the painting in small steps so I could rest in between. I am much better now and can sit through an entire painting session, bike, and walk again. I so appreciated this class. My painting was done on regular painting paper and not a canvas.

~ Brandi Uyemura

I was indeed inspired by INSPIRED. It became a portal for so much positive change. Having recently received a diagnosis of an autoimmune condition, I had some major realizations and re-committed to healing practices that had fallen by the wayside. I am happy to say these habits have regained a strong foothold in my life again, and I am feeling the benefits from that daily.

With a spiritual/energetic healing background, I have always wanted to see science meet up with my own (sometimes mystical) healing experiences. I am so thankful that Jeff and Lissa share this path with the world. What a perfect marriage with offerings from Jonathan and Shiloh; every part of the recipe was so important. I appreciate that the tone of the presentations was very grounded and conservative about making claims, yet fully supporting all the healing possibilities I can open up to. I am now able to look more deeply at how trauma has influenced my body. In all situations, I am pausing to check in with my body more easily and naturally. I have become curious about how IFS may help.

The painting grounded many of my realizations and spoke to me about the environment of my home and my immediate connection to nature as a healing source. I could continue doing more with the suggested writing/inquiries to go deeper.

Thanks again for the INSPIRED offering. It was of great service to me.

~ Sarah Mays-Salin

The Inspired journey was amazing. It taught me that Intentional Creativity was the missing piece in my healing journey - my rainbow connection. Jim Henson was correct. “Someday, we’ll find it, the rainbow connection.” Intentional creativity is the rainbow for me. I learned to sit up straight and hold my head high. It was simple, but it helped flush something out of my body.

I learned it’s okay to laugh even when others don’t understand you—OK, to cackle even. Inspired videos mention cognitive dissonance and metaphor. I learned to tell the difference between my true self’s voice and the voices of my injured child parts—my stifled parts. I am no longer stifled. “Rainbows have nothing to hide.”

The part of me that does not trust, my "Don't Get Duped" part, that part shifted to curiosity. There were so many coincidences. The song “On My Way,” the mention of Rosetta, Pennsylvania, USA, of Squirrel Girl, the posts of Sofia-Maria, of sculptures in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA, and the cardinals that appeared at my window, all have significance in my life. It made me relax. Relax enough to see how healing is individual and cooperative. It’s all related. Healing began when I made room to listen to all the internal and external parts without giving up my true self-agency.

Thank you, Inspired Team, for the time and effort put into this journey. It has given me a colorful future. I am sharing the journey with six of my cousins. I will keep sharing if they, too, have a healing experience and see the value in intentional creativity. Rainbow ripples for all “the lovers, the dreamers, and me.”

Painting: I Can't Wait to See You

~ Judy Johnson

This painting experience helped me to get over a huge uninspired hump. I have been unable to do any artwork for months - a big blank canvas in my brain. I just couldn't get motivated. Then I took "Inspired" and felt happy as if this was what I should be doing forever! Since then, I have painted four other canvases and am preparing for a show in June at a local gallery. A weight has been lifted from my body, mind, and spirit. My Soul and Soma are singing again. I'm doing cartwheels in the Aether!

I needed the "kick in the butt" that all of you gave me. I felt sorry for myself and felt worthless. This course helped me back from the depths of I don't know where. But I was swimming in self-pity.

I also liked the lessons and sharing of stories. Sometimes, I don't like to share because I feel that my situation is not as important as another person's. Now I know that I am important too. I have been imprinted from childhood not to complain because other people are worse off than me. That's wrong. I have just as much right to speak up because my experiences count, too. They have worth. Our experiences - past, present, and future - make us who we are today. I feel that the Inspired team taught that point. We are affected by what we learn and how we were brought up. I didn't have any trauma like abuse when I was a child, but I did have loneliness. I was an only child. I never learned to relate to others because I had no one to relate to. So, I have always been a dud at conversation. No one ever thinks an only child should have problems, even when my life was "perfect", and my mom guarded me. My artwork has become more inward, and I developed a style around that.

I also learned I can overcome my inward nature and relate to others. That was my takeaway from this painting and learning class. This was one of many classes I have done in the MUSEA curriculum, and it clicked with me. I can break out of my imprinted beliefs and be myself.

Thank you for this opportunity. My love and appreciation go out to all of you!

~ Kathy Szeszol

Thank you all very, very much for Inspired. I have been spontaneously working with my parts all of my life, so this process and painting helped me integrate those parts and voice into an integrated whole, which feels amazing. I took it to the ceremony with me, and it felt exquisite. All of my love,

~ Ruby Monsen

Words from Students of Shiloh and Jonathan Healing Programs

"I loved this process. It was very healing and transformative, but it was also really fun! I ended up with a painting that really speaks to me and is a beautiful reminder of the truth of my story. I feel that this truly shifted something for me that had been stuck in my energy field since my early childhood, and I am grateful that it has been transformed through this alchemical process." ~ Myrna

"Shiloh McCloud is an exquisite artist, a great teacher, and a healer. In four hours, she was able to heal 40 years of emotional wounding that kept me from painting. Her process is amazing. She draws out the spirit within and guides you in expressing your innermost knowing. Since studying with her, I have painted regularly, and much to my surprise, my work has been exhibited, purchased, understood, and enjoyed by others. The time you spend with Shiloh is worth every minute of it. Do yourself a favor and pick up that paintbrush." ~ Chief Luisah Teish, Author and Artist

"I’ve gotten more out of the past three weeks than I have in years of therapy!!" - Renee M.

"Honestly, witnessing Shiloh and Jonathan in the brief opportunities through their shares and in Apothecary has done much to help me heal." - Dawn K.

“My Apothecary experience is not just one isolated opportunity for healing through creativity, but rather one steppingstone in my personal growth toward self-actualization. With every piece of art I complete, I see myself cycling through common themes of my life that are asking for attention, but with each painting focusing on a higher level. The eight paintings I have created since my first Legend experience in January 2020 are a visual record of my journey toward wholeness, and collectively, they continue to "teach" me the very wisdom I seek!” Carol F.

“Over the years, I’ve taught many programs about healing- some aimed at patients who aren’t getting better with the treatments they’ve tried and others for doctors, nurses, therapists, and other health care professionals. This program is different not only because it’s collaboratively merging the work of four people who have studied healing for many decades but even more so because it’s experiential and includes embodied action. You can talk about healing all you want, but unless you’re having a direct experience with the healing process- in your body- the results will be limited. Adding Intentional Creativity, somatic and creative practices to the intellectual knowledge and heart-based wisdom of what I’ve been studying since leaving the hospital feels like the crown jewel of my life’s work. While practicing clinical medicine, I made art at night and showed my work in ten galleries, but I never integrated healing and creativity back then. Now it feels completely unnatural to teach a program about healing or spirituality without creativity involved.”

Dr. Lissa Rankin

Explanation of the Creativity Process and Why


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend the INSPIRED program?

Everything you need for the class is provided to enrolled students on a Student Dashboard. All media, including Video, can be watched there. There are approximately ten hours of viewing. The companion recorded Zoom Circle calls are meant to reinforce the curriculum by listening to the recorded discussion and Q&A with our guides.
You will also be granted access to the iMUSEA app (accessible via phone and desktop computers) to share your thoughts, feelings, and photos of your work and to ask questions.

Do I need any previous experience, or have I read books?

No experience is required. We provide links to the books, but you are not required to read them to experience the INSPIRED material.

Do I need to be in pursuit of healing from something for the material to make sense?

During our time together, each person is invited to choose something to heal, but not necessarily their core wound. We want to provide a trauma-informed approach that doesn’t re-traumatize as you learn the 8 Pathways. If you resonate with the material, you can apply it to your deeper wounding and work with your medical professionals to support you.

What can I expect if I am a medical professional?

We are not in conflict with traditional medicine. We seek to bring the best of conventional medicine into relationship with what healing and well-being at the deepest levels require. Our material is aligned with CDC standards for trauma-informed care. Aspects of our stories and the associated science may challenge the current medical field to improve its approach and methods. Still, ultimately, our material can work with any healing modality and approach.

What is Intentional Creativity?

Intentional Creativity® is a philosophy of infusing what we make with intention through mindfulness and embodiment. This approach to making our art can be applied to any medium and any thematic topic. Think about the last time you were presented with food, the difference between smears and disorder on the plate, or a presentation curated with love. It is not a mystery that human beings, by and large, prefer something curated with mindfulness from the maker. Everything we make and bring into form has a level of intention. Our work is to make this approach a conscious practice through our art forms and how we live.

Working with this level of awareness can cause exponential awakening, catalyze healing, and move stuck energy. The frequency of Intentional Creativity with the power of love has profoundly impacted our communities—many students claim it has been lifesaving.

When we make something, we infuse it with our energy. As it becomes infused, it takes a charge and becomes a resonator. This energy charge is returned to us based on what we put into it. This is reciprocity at the quantum level.

If we choose to, we can also send this same feeling energy out to others, and yes, it travels there instantly. This is a quantum connection. Even after we are done with what we make, years later, it can still carry the 'charge' from our intention in the molecules. This is measurable science, intention in action. And we hope, love in motion.

Change, Challenge, and Catalyze Your Healing Pathways